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Sankshep is an organization which aims to educate the world and help students, teachers and educators across the globe meet their goals. We aim to use our intelligent technological solutions to benefit anybody with the will to learn. At Sankshep, we design AI systems that take study notes from a variety of multimedia sources which include but are not restricted to mp3 files, youtube videos and textual material.

Taking the right notes from a professor’s lecture is never an easy task, not to mention the amount of effort and time it requires and barriers involving language. Our aim to remove these barriers so that every student has the access to quality textual material in minimum time regardless of any language barricade.

Our Objectives

We act with integrity and independence by holding ourselves and each other accountable, ethical, and reliable in all that we do.

We innovate to serve our customers, drive our growth, and help educators and students around the globe achieve their aim.

We deliver results and we excel at work that positively affects the scenario world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sankshep?

We’re a community that helps you to convert text or even videos on YouTube to textual study material that is easy to access and saves time. How can we help you study smart?

Our Objectives?

Trust, Innovation, and Performance. We innovate to serve our customers, drive our growth, and help educators and students around the globe achieve their aim.

How can we help you study smart?

We can convert any YouTube videos or text files into short notes. This will save a lot of your time, so you can focus on and study the concepts. The user can also access other people’s notes and one can easily find relevant material that is classified by ratings from students across the globe.

Is Sankshep really free and open?

Yes. Personal usage of Sankshep is free. Anyone can upload text or video links and get it converted into textual study material completely for free. You can also access other people notes. (We don’t believe in restricting knowledge). Although, usage of sankshep at a commercial level is paid.

I’m a teacher or an employee. Is sankshep an appropriate resource for my work?

Yes. Many teachers and employees from all over the world can use this application to convert the random text files to notes for their day to day work .We are open source, so no license or special permission from us in necessary.

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